Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giant Kandy Kake

so the best tastykakes are the peanut butter kandy kakes.

butterscotch crimpets are good, sure.

but kandy kakes?

hot jawns.

i made this recipe a few years ago and it was good but not quite right.

the peanut butter filling was far too runny, and the ganache shattered when cut- way too hard.

so i remade it yesterday and its much better. still needs a few tweaks but real close.

the cake is close but prolly a lil too moist and the ganache is still not soft enough. Not quit enough peanut butter on the big cake, tooo much on the small cakes

but it is delicous.

the pics dont have a point of reference but this is a nine inch cake as opposed to a 2 inch tastykake. i also made a few 4 inch mini cakes that were gobbled before photos.

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Kelly said...

i have never seen anything better than that.