Friday, October 23, 2009


a frankenstein is a scrappy mashup cookie

it is produced with all the scraps that werent big enough to make a full cookie. it may contain brownie ball, chocolate chips, any nuts, craisins, icing, peanut butter, donut batter, cinnabun dough, etc.

(for frame of reference: that parchment paper it is sitting on is 16x20, this week its beast)

we generally make one frank per week and sell it at the farmers market or bring it to a party.

we did an experiment a few weeks ago where we made berry batter donuts. we froze some of the batter and its been wasting space in the freezer ever since.

so yesterday i baked off a few dozen (and they turned out great!) and still had alot left over.

this made the giant pink base.
then theres a whole lot of peanut butter dough down the center.
then theres a few huge chunks of chocolate chips that had melted together.
and a band of chocolate cookie dough.
and small amount of both ginger molassses and oatmeal cashew craisin.

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