Friday, November 13, 2009

Cranberry Saucinnamon Buns

last week at the kitchen, we received a large sack of fresh cranberries from our friend Andrew
his father bartered for them
he cooked up tons and gave the rest to us
we finally got around to using them this week
thanks andrew! they turned out great

i stewed them up in apple cider and spices
while making the dough
and letting it rise for 2 hours
and rolling up the plain buns
cooking them for about 4 hours total
on very low heat
stirring whenever someone thought of it

it ended up super tart even with the addition of some turbinado sugar
i spread the dough with a lil cinnamon schmear before slopping it up with cranberry
it was super wet and hard to roll up
i was scurd it would ooze out everywhere
but it worked really well
the filling is still super tart but the cream cheese icing balances it really well

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rosemary Scones

i sprinkled some with nutritional yeast and sea salt but they turned out pretty pale, the next batch i brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with more rosemary leaves. the salt is nice.

used a forearm length branch of rosemary, leaves picked off the branch and finely chopped; added to flour before butta is cut in
: twice as much might still be ok, currently its subtle and delicious

prolly too sweet

but really great...

hot thanksgiving jawns.

im gonna try sage and chive versions also

PUMPkin pie

im so bad at it

i dont know why

4 pies with little improvement

i cant even keep track of which photos are what recipe

cuz theyre all lame

and not setting up properly

tofu seems like the way to go

one recipe used tofu

one used soymilk/ cornstarch

one used soymilk/ fleggs

one used soymilk/ enerG

different amounts and types of sweetener in each

thus far i believe a small amount of molasses is essential

maple is expensive and mild

and allspice is important and often forgotten in pumpkin spice blends...

i havent even begun messing with crusts...