Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i forgot i had a blog
these crazy holidays
and certain indian-food-centric people
have distracted me from wild creations
as well as necessary test outs
the bakery is going to be so soon!
(stupid health dept bein all slow... mutter mutter.)

but enuf excuses, heres what i HAVE been doing
making dosas!
all the time
averaging at least every day
several times a day many days
masala dosas to start, everything i can think of as time goes on:

banana, pb, raspberry jelly
sweet potato, sorrel
red cabbage, onion, seitan
scrambled tofu, mache

masala dosas are an indian breakfast food
they are similar to crepes with the major exception that
d are traditionally vegan and gluten free!!!!!
they are made from a fermented batter of rice and urad dal (a split and hulled, tiny indian pulse)

ive been experimenting and dont have a definitive favorite yet
ratios or recipes
i like the idea of the "real" old school way
which is soak rice, soak urad dal w/ fenugreek seeds for about 6hrs
then grind each seperately
then combine and let sit, covered at room temperature for 12hrs, add salt and cook

however the cheater way is easier (but still time consuming) and still delicious
and didnt hurt my guts as i was scared it might without the mega soaking time...
rice flour and urad flour combined and let sit 8-12hrs, add salt

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