Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cinnamon Bombed (the great cinnamon bun disaster)

Well, it wasn't quite a disaster in the end. When I first pulled this out of the oven however, they looked terrible. During cooking, most of the cinnabutta goo melted out of the rolls to the bottom of the pan. So by the time it was finished (20min) the tops were totally dried out. Not appetizing. One I started the recipe I thought it was for cinnamon rolls but its actually more of a sticky bun. So I inverted the pan after cooling about 3 min and delicious cinnamon slime poured over the buns unevenly. If its gonna be a sticky bun, it needs raisins or pecans.

I also fucked with the recipe and used whole wheat pastry and bread flour and I bet they would be far more tender with all purpose. The touch of nutmeg is nice.

And for next time, I didnt roll them tight enough in the beginning, so the have pretty open centers. I'd like to try one of the drier recipes ( as in not sticky, just cinnamony) and perfect it. Then I could make danishes, honey buns, and cinnamon rolls. The I could use the filling as schmear for the pan instead of as a filling when I wanted sticky buns. ( I dont know how accepted that word is. I worked in a German bakery in high school and the called the sugar/ shortening goo "schmear"- because u schmear it on pans)

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